The Triathlete Hour Podcast: Kathryn Bertine Fights the Good Fight

The former pro triathlete, pro figure skater, ESPN columnist, and women's cycling advocate is here with her new book—all about how you can make change too.

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You may heard of our guest this week, Kathryn Bertine, because she spearheaded the successful campaign to get a women’s Tour de France race—now a one-day event called La Course—which she also raced in. She produced the documentary Half the Road. She’s been an editor for ESPN, writing their popular column on trying to make the Olympics—in any sport, any country, just go out and make it happen. Something she tried too.

She’s written three books, about that experiment, about her years as a pro figure skater, and now she’s here with her newest book, Stand—about how to be an activist and the behind the scenes story of the toll it took on her personal life as she fought for equality in women’s cycling.

But what you might not know about Kathryn is she started out as a pro triathlete before switching to cycling and she tells us what it is she still loves about triathlon, some of the details of how she worked to make change, and what it was like having a massive crash mid race that left her nearly dead in Mexico. And coming back from that. It’s an interesting conversation because Kathryn is always an interesting person. You can also buy her book here.

We’re also back with Laura Siddall for Sid Talks. One note: we mention Ironman New Zealand, but we recorded this last week before the race was canceled! We also talk about who gets to race during COVID and what we think about indoor racing.

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Transcript for this episode here.