The Triathlete Hour Podcast: Justin Metzler and Jeanni Seymour Are Figuring It Out

Plus, the science behind sports bras.

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In our first in-person interview at our studio in Boulder, we chat with pro triathlon couple Justin Metzler and Jeanni Seymour—who have 15 70.3 wins between them.

The young duo have had a few breakthroughs in the last few years and a few disappointments. We talk about their five-year plans, how they’re still figuring out what works and what doesn’t, and what it’s like to move halfway around the world on your own. Jeannie also opens up about how she struggled some with her mental health, especially after a disappointing Kona debut last year, and how Justin has helped her find a breakthrough in her performances. Good thing she agreed to go on a pity date with him!

Plus, they both have different answers to our ‘would you rather’ question.

And first up, we chat with one of our writers, Susan Lacke, about the second installment in her Endurance Geeks series—all on the science of sports bras. Read the sports bra story and the whole Endurance Geeks series.

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