The Triathlete Hour Podcast: Is Max Fennell the Most Interesting Guy in Triathlon?

TV star, coffee company owner, and the only Black pro triathlete. Plus, we dissect the 2020 prize purses and upcoming start lists.

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This week, we’re back with Sid Talks with Laura Siddall, who helps us dissect the 2020 prize money list—or lack of prize money—and the upcoming bombshell of a race in Miami.

And then we chat with Max Fennell, who we’ve dubbed ‘the most interesting man in triathlon.

Max is the only Black pro triathlete—and arguably the first, we discuss. He was also recruited for the TV show ‘Million Dollar Mile,’ and the televised Spartan Games earlier this year. Plus, he runs his own coffee company, ran for city council, recently co-founded an organization to get more athletes of color into endurance sports, and took up bow hunting as part of his 3-4 year plan to qualify for Kona.

And: Why you should try sleeping outside under a tree.