The Triathlete Hour Podcast: Haley Chura Can’t Believe The Turns Her Life Has Taken

Plus, the Norseman research head has insight into what they learn in extreme conditions.

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This week is all about swimming. We talk with uber-swimmer, Ironman champ, and first out of the water at Kona Haley Chura.

Haley won a national championship as a swimmer at the University of Georgia, competed in the Olympic Trials, and only got her start in triathlon after a bet with her boss at her accounting firm. Now she’s an Ironman champion and has traveled all over the world racing, but she never would have imagined this is the turn life would take.

She also talks to us about racing the Olympic Marathon Trials back in February—one of the craziest experiences of her life, just two weeks before the world took a turn and she went into quarantine.

You can listen to Haley’s Ironwomen podcast she mentions.

And, first, we talk to the head of research for the Norseman extreme triathlon. Jørgen Melau tells us all about what they’ve studied in their athletes, what they’ve learned about cold water, and what changes they make.

He also talks about swimming induced pulmonary edema (SIPE). If you want to read the story he mentions, as part of a series we’re doing on the science behind endurance sports, it’s an exclusive to Active Pass members available here.

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