The Triathlete Hour Podcast: Chris Mosier Wants to Be a Role Model for Trans Kids

The first trans athlete on Team USA, Chris found triathlon while trying to understand his own gender identity—and believes sports can be a vehicle for social change.

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This week, we’re talking to Chris Mosier, the first trans athlete to represent Team USA, which he did in triathlon, and the first trans athlete to compete in the Olympic Trials, which he did in race walking oddly.

Yes, we talk about how someone gets into race walking in the first place—Chris jokes it was harder to come out as a race walker than as a trans man. He also talks about what running meant to him when he was trying to sort out the questions he had around his gender identity, how he navigated triathlon, and how he’s trying to be a role model for other trans kids now. He also gets into many of the questions people pose him and why he’s worried about the attack on trans kids and trans athletes right now.

Chris is always interesting and thoughtful, and you’ll enjoy this conversation as much as we did.

Transcript available here.