A Look at the Lives of the Brownlee Brothers

Inside Triathlon magazine traveled to England to get an idea of what makes the Brownlee brothers so fast.

Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee, who hail from Leeds, England, are two of the fastest athletes on the ITU circuit today. Jonathan, who goes by Jonny, just finished second at the opening round of the ITU’s premier World Championship Series, in Sydney, and Alistair is coming off of a win at the ITU’s 2010 Grand Final in Budapest, Hungary. Both boys are world champions, with Alistair winning the 2009 ITU short-course world championship and Jonny winning the 2010 ITU sprint world championship, and they are among the medal favorites for the 2012 London Olympics.

To get some insight into who the Brownlees are and how they train, Inside Triathlon magazine editor-in-chief Courtney Baird traveled to England over the winter. The following is a sneak peek, in the form of a gallery, of what she found.

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By Courtney Baird

Photos by Dave Tyrrell and Delly Carr/