Two Participants Struck By Cars In St. George IM

In separate incidents, cars hit two bicyclists during Ironman race in St. George.

Two bicyclists were injured after cars struck them during the Ironman race near St. George on Saturday.

During the race, State Road 18 was divided into three lanes: two for north- and southbound vehicle traffic and one for bicyclists.

In two separate incidents, cars inadvertently entered the bicycle lane.

In one accident, an elderly woman entered the bicycle lane near the town of Veyo and struck a bicyclist from behind. In the other accident, a 17-year-old girl entered the bicycle lane. She realized her mistake, and as she attempted to change lanes into the vehicle lane, she turned in front of a bicyclist, who collided with the vehicle, said Det. Nate Abbott of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Both bicyclists were transported to the Dixie Regional Medical Center in an unknown condition, but both are expected to survive, Abbott said.

The driver in one accident received a citation, and the other driver likely will, too, he said.

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