TriRig Launches New X-Series

The TriRig team launched a new brake, handlebar and stem with smart and inventive designs today.

The TriRig team launched a new brake, handlebar and stem with smart and inventive designs today. Read below for first impressions of their three new products (note: products have not been fully tested yet) and find out more info at

TriRig Omega X


The Omega X is an updated version of TriRig’s now well-established Omega brake. The main feature of the Omega X, and of the original Omega brake, is its aerodynamic design. While the new ‘X’ version does not improve on the aerodynamics of the original—which arguably would be difficult given the excellent initial design—many other features have been notably improved upon.

The Omega X is chock full of what we’d like to call “How is it that EVERY ______ (insert name of part) isn’t made this way??” The Omega X is one of the lightest brakes on the market at 134 grams. Installation and adjustability are a breeze. The front plate now includes magnets which fix it firmly in place concealing the brake’s internals, while individually adjustable brake pads make the change between different wheel widths an absolute joy.

It might seem like a stretch to gush over something as mundane as brake pad adjustment, but when you compare TriRig to the competition, you will begin to realize why we are excited. Compatibility is also well thought-out, with adapters included for use with anything from traditional single-mount brakes, Shimano direct-mount and even TRP U-brakes. The Omega X is a brake to consider for any bicycle that you own… That goes for road or tri bikes!

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TriRig Alpha X


The Alpha X is TriRig’s latest evolution in aerodynamic handlebar design. While it faces stiff competition from some industry stalwarts, the Alpha X leads the way in smart functionality and features. For one thing, almost no other bar on the market offers so much adjustability right out of the box. In terms of stack height, the pads on the Alpha X have a range of over 125mm, which is taller than some bike’s entire head tubes!

There is also 40mm of reach adjustability built into the pad placement on the Alpha X, meaning athletes get all of the light weight and aerodynamic benefits from the integrated stem without the most common drawback: lack of adjustability. In terms of compatibility, this bar should have athletes covered as well no matter what their current setup. Both mechanical and electronic shifting can be routed cleanly and with relative ease, with mechanical and hydraulic brake housing getting the same treatment.

Perhaps the best feature is the manner in which the bar can remain relatively put together when fit adjustments need to be made. With the Alpha X there is no need to strip the bar down and take apart a Di2 system in order to lower the placement of the forearm pads by 10mm. And every bolt is always accessible, meaning you won’t have to take a forearm pad off in order to access bolts on the handlebar. With so many features packed into one bar, the Alpha X really can, as TriRig pronounces, turn any bike into a superbike.

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TriRig Sigma X


The new Sigma X stem satisfies the expectation of a smart design, with an updated and now all-carbon version of the company’s Sigma stem, the Sigma X includes many refinements and features that triathletes will appreciate. The Sigma X is a product that, in essence, solves a list of problems. It includes a cable cover that can be used to cleanly integrate both shifting and brake cables to create a cleaner frontal profile. Integrated aerodynamic spacers are also included to allow for up to 4cm of vertical adjustment.

Also included is a BTA (between-the-arms) bottle mount right on the top of the stem, allowing athletes to cleanly and easily mount the bottle cage of their choice for a simple and easy hydration solution. A center-pull brake cable stop is perfect for those athletes using, say, a TriRig Omega X brake. All in all, the new Sigma X stem is a refined solution for a part that many of us take for granted.

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