Sneak Peek: June 2019 Issue of Triathlete Magazine

Whether you’re a total triathlon neophyte (welcome!) or you’ve been at it for decades, we’re sure you’ll find these pages packed full of fun tricks that’ll intrigue you—and ultimately better your experience in the sport.

On the Cover

June 2019 Triathlete Magazine

Triathlete’s 2019 Cover Contest winner and Coeur Sports ambassador Michelle Bandur photographed along San Diego’s coastline by Luis Garcia.


Lights, Camera, Action: Triathlete’s 2019 Cover Contest winner Michelle Bandur is a TV reporter with a mission to change lives—and banish bullying—through triathlon.

Things to Know Before You Tri: Tips and tricks that’ll give beginners a head start in triathlon.


Chelsea Sodaro: Triathlon’s awesome late-bloomer

The Courage Zone:
Dana Platin’s extraordinary journey

Vocabulary Lesson:
Triathlon lingo unhinged

Bob Babbitt:
His lighthearted love of triathlon has brought countless athletes to the multisport table

No Excuses:
Just tri!


Destinations: The best beginner-friendly triathlons

We Are the Champions:
Kona-like races for the rest of us


Starter Bikes: A roundup of the best beginner rigs

Smartwatches Face Off:
Suunto 3 Fitness vs. Polar Vantage M

Aero Helmets:
Technology deep dive


High/Low: More reps with less weight is key to tri strength-training success

Swiss Army Swim Set:
Improve your comfort in all water conditions

Achy Arches:
Quiet those barking dogs

Session Planning:
Balancing your swim and run workouts

Summer Reads:
Five or our fave books that’ll inspire you to get moving

Welcome to The Tri Side:
Tips for runners-turned-triathletes

Robo Coaches:
Are computers the future of triathlon coaching?


The Romaine Attraction: Man can survive on salad alone!

Topping Off the Tank:
How to make prepackaged sports nutrition work for you

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