Podium Pro: Eric Lagerstrom

Scoring a podium finish at Ironman 70.3 Mont Tremblant this past weekend evoked equal parts elation and relief for pro Eric Lagerstrom.

So far this season the San Diego-based athlete says he had been struggling to find form, but this result – 3rd behind winner Jackson Laundry and 2nd place Brent McMahon – confirmed he is on the right path for the rest of the year. caught up with Lagerstrom as he kicked off his post-race recovery.

Triathlete: How were you feeling going into this race? What were your goals/aspirations?
Eric: I wasn’t feeling very good. My back was tight, my hips were tight and I couldn’t get on East coast time, but I’ve found it doesn’t matter too much, you still go for it on race day.

T: Best part of the race for you?
E: Running with Brent McMahon for 10K. He’s a legend and you rarely get to run “with” someone in 70.3 for very long.

T: Worst part?
E: Feeling like my legs didn’t know how to ride a bike. That was mostly the first 20K, but that’s a pretty critical point of the race.

T: How were the conditions? Anything you struggled with?
E: The conditions were perfect. I’m from Oregon, I like it cold and wet.

T: At what point did you realize you were going to podium?
E: 200 meters from the finish line. I just wanted to stay upright the last kilometer.

T: Which part of the race did you execute best?
E: Diving into the water. Crushed it.

T: Anything you wish you’d done better?
E: Riding 5 minutes faster and running two minutes faster – then winning would have been rad.

T: Post-race food? Any beer/cookies/favorite foods?! Tell us all your secrets!
E: It’s Quebec, you can’t NOT have poutine. And a beer. And more poutine. Brent McMahon heavily peer pressured me into the second poutine.

T: First words your coach Paulo Sousa said to you?
E: We haven’t debriefed yet, but he tweeted that I did well. I usually take a day or two to process post-race.

T: How sore are you post-race, on a scale of 1-10?
E: This one goes to 11.

T: Any blisters, any chafing?
E: You get to wear socks in 70.3, it’s dreamy for the feet.

T: First thoughts when you hit the finish chute?
E: Chair please.

T: Mantra or words that got you through the race?
E: I had “wanna be a baller” stuck in my head. Trying to make money the fly way.

T: Pre-race brekkie?
E: Cereal, toast with peanut and banana. Like every other day of my life.

T: What (and when) will your first workout be post-race?
E: The day after, I go for a chill ride and take pictures and stop for coffee. Definitely a bike ride not a workout.

T: What does your training look like this week?
E: I feel like taking a week “off” and working on my van. Then I’ll come out hot the next week when I’m hungry for it.

T: What’s next on your racing calendar?
E: 70.3 Santa Rosa.

T: What does the rest of your racing schedule look like this year?
E: 70.3 World Champs, then TBD. If I win, maybe I’ll retire and go out on top like Jordan. If not, I’ll probably race some more.

T: Tell us who all of your sponsors are…
Argon18, Rudy Project, Pioneer (cycle), Rolf Prima wheels, Clif Bar, Blueseventy, New York Athletic Club.

T: Best post-race recovery tip for age groupers?
E: Do you. Let go, reset, drink to remember, drink to forget. Whatever puts you in the right headspace to “get back to work” in the sport.