Pease Brothers To Race Ironman Florida In Tandem

This Saturday, brothers Kyle and Brent Pease will be racing Ironman Florida.

This Saturday, brothers Kyle and Brent Pease will be racing Ironman Florida. The brothers, from Atlanta, completed Ironman Wisconsin just 14 months ago in a time of 15:09:24. Older brother Brent pulled, pedaled and pushed his brother Kyle, who was born with cerebral palsy, to their first Ironman finish, and they’ll do it again on Nov. 1.

The Peases started racing together in 2011, starting with a local charity run, the Charles Harris 10K. Brent raced an Ironman solo in 2010, and afterward the two decided that they should race an Ironman together. “There is no feeling that describes how incredible it is to come down that [Ironman] chute together,” Brent says. “It erases all the memories of looking over and seeing Kyle on the sidelines.”

Kyle is still equally as thrilled at already being an Ironman athlete. “I still get goosebumps talking about it,” Kyle says about his 2013 Ironman finish. “It’s a big honor, and to do it with Brent is even more special.”

The Pease brothers also race to raise awareness and funds for the Kyle Pease Foundation, which sponsors special needs athletes and gives them opportunities to compete in sports—something that Kyle wants to share with others. “I want to build the Kyle Pease Foundation and make it bigger and better, and to help more disabled athletes and their families,” he says.

Sports have always been a “binder” in the Pease family, says Brent. “Be it the Atlanta Braves, college football or a run down Peachtree Road, it has long been something that helps bring us together and strengthen the bonds we already have.”

“I grew up a die-hard sports fan—I’m a big Atlanta Braves fan and a big Atlanta Falcons fan,” Kyle says. “I think [sports] have given me a different perspective because with those sports I … just watch them. But to do a sport, it just gets my juices flowing. … From the outside watching the game to being an athlete is very, very awesome. It’s a feeling it’s hard to express in words to you.”

As far as Ironman goes, the Pease brothers are aiming high. “Personally, I want to do Kona—it’s on every Ironman bucket list,” Kyle says. “But for this Saturday … it’ll definitely test our ability. And I’m looking forward to kicking it with my brother. That’s the best part for me—I get to hang out with my buddy for 14 hours.”

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