ÖtillÖ SwimRun is Officially Coming to the U.S.

Mark your calendars for March 2020 and get ready to head to California. Swedish swimrun series ÖTILLÖ is coming.

Earlier this month, we broke the story that famous Swedish swimrun series ÖTILLÖ is coming to the U.S. Now it’s official. Here are the important details for aspiring ÖTILLÖ swimrunners:

  • ÖTILLÖ  (that means island-to-island in Swedish) will take place on Catalina Island, 25 miles off the coast of Los Angeles, on February 29 and March 1 2020. It will be the first ÖTILLÖ race outside of Europe. Catalina Island already hosts many endurance events including triathlon, marathon, and ultramarathon races. It’s primed for this type of event.
  • Race registration opens in the beginning of July. Check the race website for updates.
  • There will be three race distances on offer: the Experience (7.7 km), the Sprint (15 km), and the World Series (38.3 km).
  • All events will start and finish at the port town of Two Harbors, which has a population of just 100 people. The island’s second port town of Avalon, which has a population of 3,000, will play host to all racers and spectators, offering accommodation options.
  • There will be all-day, round-trip boat transportation between the two port towns.
  • The closest airport to the race is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). There are plenty of ferry rides between Los Angeles and Catalina Island. You can find a schedule here. If you’re feeling extra fancy and adventurous, you can take a small private plane to Catalina Island’s famous airport. It’s rated as one of the 10 scariest in the U.S., featuring steep drop-offs at both ends of the pot-holey runway, and turbulence.