Just two weeks before it is supposed to take place, Ironman Japan has been canceled. The announcement follows the news that Foot and Mouth disease has spread throughout the state of Miyazaki, and threatens the island where the race takes place, Goto.

The decision to cancel the event at this late stage is not only a blow to the Ironman Japan brand, but more significantly to the athletes who were due to take part. No decision has yet been made with regards to reimbursements of entry fees and travel costs.

According to the site, “Goto City is a prominent producer of livestock with our own ‘Goto Beef’ valued as a prize brand in the region. Our city is known as the ‘Island of stock-raising’ and 40% of the total income is from agricultural produce.

“We had a difficult meeting with all members of the Goto assemble on May 31. It was a very difficult decision to come to, but it was decided that the event is to be canceled.”

“We understand that you have been training for the event. I hope you understand our situation.”

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