Ironman today announced the overall All World Athlete (AWA) Champions for each age group category.

Ironman today announced the overall All World Athlete (AWA) Champions for each age group category.

Athletes receive the AWA designation by competing in multiple events and earning age group ranking points during the 2015 season. Racers were rewarded for their top three performances throughout the year with the combined points determining the champion for each division.

Read the announcement from Ironman below:

The 29 overall AWA Champions represent 13 countries with 13 champions hailing from the United States (eight female, five male). Australia had the second-most champions with four (three male, one female), while France rounded out the top three with two champions (two male). The most represented states in the U.S. were California (five athletes), Oregon and Texas (two athletes).

Over 23,500 athletes worldwide accrued enough points to earn the designation All World Athlete. The United States led the AWA country standings with 8,071 athletes, followed by Australia (2,498), Germany (1,333), Canada (1,326) and the United Kingdom (1,230). To earn AWA status, Ironman competitors must finish within the top 10 percent of their age group. AWA athletes are then classified into three levels: Bronze (top 10 percent), Silver (top five percent) and Gold (top one percent).

Globally launched in 2013, the Age Group Ranking program offers age-group athletes a way to earn points based on their race finishes and to measure their race performances against their fellow competitors regionally, as well as from around the world, in one cumulative system.

See the champions below, and visit to learn more about the program.

F18-24 – Mo Hinzen – Austria
F25-29 – Cecilie Mathorne – Denmark
F30-34 – Annah Watkinson – South Africa
F35-39 – Hailey Manning – United States
F40-44 – Susanne Davis – United States
F45-49 – Holly Balogh – United States
F50-54 – Jody Gilchrist – Australia
F55-59 – Jennifer Reinhart – United States
F60-64 – Michele Allison – New Zealand
F65-69 – Linda Ashmore – United Kingdom
F70-74 – Peggy McDowell-Cramer – United States
F80-84 – Harriet Anderson – United States
– Marsha Smith – United States
F85+ – Sister Madonna Buder – United States

M18-24 – Robin Pesch – Germany
M25-29 – Quentin Kurc Boucau – France
M30-34 – Barry Oelofsen – Australia
M35-39 – Juan Valencia – Colombia
M40-44 – Sam Gyde – Belgium
M45-49 – Olivier Spagnol – France
M50-54 – David Ciaverella – United States
M55-59 – Kenneth Smith – Switzerland
M60-64 – Kurt Madden – United States
M65-69 – Rob Howitt – Australia
M70-74 – Griffiths Weste – Australia
M75-79 – John Weber – United States
M80-84 – Hiromu Inada – Japan
M85+ – Lew Hollander – United States
PC – Christopher Lancaster – United States

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