Irishman Wins Deca Ironman Event

Former overweight chain smoker turned endurance star wins grueling race in England.

Irishman Gerry Duffy has won the UK’s first Deca Ironman Challenge after ten days of grueling endurance events involving swimming 2.5 miles, cycling 116 miles, and running a marathon all in the same day, for ten consecutive days.

The former overweight chain smoker crossed the finishing line in Hampshire, England more than 19 accumulated hours ahead of the remaining competitors. Just three of the 20 entrants completed the race.

Duffy, 42, said: “I’m just grateful to have finished it, and also, I guess, that I don’t have to do it again in the morning”.

The motivational speaker and author made headlines last year when he toured every county in Ireland, completed 32 marathons in 32 days.

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