Huzzah! This Airline Just Announced Bikes Fly for $25

Hint: It starts with A and ends with laska

Hint: It starts with A and ends with laska

In the era of ever-shrinking legroom and fighting for bin space to avoid insane baggage fees, Alaska Airlines just made an announcement that warms our triathlete hearts: starting today, July 19, most sporting equipment that may exceed Alaska’s normal checked baggage weight and dimensions flies for only $25.

That includes bikes! And if you’re a fancy card-carrying member of the airline, your bike will count toward your free checked bag allowance.

Previously, Alaska charged $75 each way.

“The new lower fee also applies to Horizon Air and SkyWest-operated flights and will be added to Virgin America at a later date,” Alaska wrote on its blog.

Wondering if you can score this sweet deal on your next flight? Check out Alaska’s route map here.

Alaska went all in to become the most bike—and athlete—friendly airline. Bike fees typically range from about $75 (depending on your bike bag dimensions) on airlines including Delta and Southwest to as much as $150 each way on American.

Which airline will join the fitness revolution next?