How to Use Active Pass to Help Build Healthier Habits in 2021

Active Pass members have access to a number of free online education courses, meal plans, and training programs that can help them build a foundation for their goals in the new year.

Active Pass members have access to a number of perks and benefits here at Triathlete, but also across all of our sibling brands, like VeloNews and Yoga Journal. And we wanted to be sure you know how to take advantage of all those benefits as you prepare for the new year—including training programs and plans, online education courses, recipes and yoga videos, and discounts for gear and events.

Right now, we’ve been focusing on how to build healthy habits in 2021. Check out our guide for members on how habits are formed and the psychology of where your habits come from. (You need to understand the “habit loop” in order to change it!) And then we outline the steps to changing and forming habits.

Once you understand the background and steps to forming habits, then be sure to check out our mini-modules breaking down those steps in four common areas that people often want to improve their habits in: recovery & sleep, nutrition, time management, and mental skills.

If you’re working through those steps in January and still have questions: we’ve got answers We’ll be hosting a live Q&A for members with mental endurance coach Vanessa Foerster on Jan. 19, who will walk through some of the steps she outlined in our guides, some common mistakes and issues people encounter when trying to change their habits, and how to successfully build habits that get you to your goals.

There are also a number of online education courses and programs free for Active Pass members that might help you jumpstart 2021 too, like:

If you’re just looking for your own training structure, Active Pass members should also check out:

  • Today’s Plan with dozens of training programs and the ability to sync with your existing fitness trackers and computers (here’s how to set up a training plan)
  • 60 days free with RunCoach, where you’ll be assigned a coach and they’ll help you create a plan

We like to think all these things could help you build healthier habits in 2021. Whatever your goals are in the new year, the habits and structures we create are the foundation upon which our goals are built. Find all of these things under “Perks” after you login to your membership account in the upper right corner of this page. You can also find your free FinisherPix download pack there from any race (through the end of 2020)—which doesn’t necessarily help you build better habits, but we just think it’s cool.