Gwen Jorgensen Runs 2:41:01 In Marathon Debut

Jorgensen turned in the impressive performance on minimal preparation.

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Eleven weeks after becoming the first American to win an Olympic gold medal in triathlon, Gwen Jorgensen marked another first off her personal career resume today in New York City by competing in her first marathon. She crossed the finish line in 14th (the sixth American) with a time of 2:41:01.

Jorgensen turned in the impressive performance on minimal preparation for the marathon with post-Olympic commitments, as well as the WTS Cozumel Grand Final and Island House Invitational Triathlon as priorities over the last couple of months.

“For me, if I ran that race again today I probably wouldn’t do anything differently,” Jorgensen said at the post-race press conference. “It was super fun and every step was kind of a new experience for me. It was different than a triathlon. Normally I go into a triathlon and I’m fully prepared and I’m ready to go. For this race, I wasn’t prepared and it definitely hurts.”

Despite the solid effort Jorgensen admitted to being “a little disappointed” because the final miles were so tough. The American again emphasized that she has no aspirations of ever competing in an Ironman and her immediate plans now include starting a family with her husband, Patrick.

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