Garmin Releases The New Edge 1030

Garmin’s update to the Edge 1000 is bigger, smarter, and more connected.

Garmin’s update to the Edge 1000 is bigger, smarter, and more connected.

Today, Garmin announced the release of the Edge 1030, a noteworthy half-update to its larger-than-life little brother the Edge 1000. Physically boasting a half-inch larger touchscreen than the 1000 for more information and better navigation, the 1030 also features some nifty software upgrades and new connected functions.

A big new feature is the Edge 1030’s ability to see incoming calls and send out preloaded texts via a connected Bluetooth smartphone. (Think: “I’ll be home soon,” or “We stopped for coffee,” or “SELL THE HOUSE SELL THE KIDS, I’M NEVER COMING HOME.”) It will also have a separate rider-to-rider messaging system that works with other cyclists in your group who also have a 1030—particularly useful to find your fast friends if you get shelled at a light.

A look at the trendline popularity routing.

Most interestingly, the new Edge 1030 will also use Garmin’s new “Trendline” popularity routing. By collecting billions of miles of aggregated ride data via their Garmin Connect platform, the function will help road and mountain riders find the most well-traveled routes for any given area—a little bit like Waze for cycling. Despite the Big Brother-ness of this feature’s data collection, it will definitely be a boon for anyone traveling, moving to a new area, or trying to find the best, safest routes.

In an effort to keep this flatscreen-of-a-cycling computer (it’s very big!) going for even superlong rides, Garmin is introducing the ability to pair the 1030 with an external battery pack. Think along the lines of those ubiquitous smartphone battery chargers—Garmin says their version will extend the 1030 up to 44 hours. In order to better manage the large-ness of this new device, the 1030 also has a new flush mount to keep the Edge in line with the handlebars.

Other more minor features in this upgrade include incident detection (alerting emergency contacts in case of an accident), audio prompts (much like the Edge 820), and more preloaded Strava and TrainingPeaks compatibility.

Available today at, the base price for the new Edge 1030 is $599.99, while a bundle option with a heart rate monitor, cadence, and speed sensors will retail for $699.99. The external battery pack will be available mid-september for $129.99.