Bryan Harkins and Melissa Moo capped off their Ironman finishes with a wedding ceremony near the finish line of Ironman Lake Placid.

The engagement may have been short, but the road to the altar for two trading industry pros was a long and arduous one–140.6 miles to be exact.

Bryan Harkins of Direct Edge and Melissa Moo of Weeden & Co. tied the knot at the finish line after completing an all-day Ironman triathlon on July 25 in Lake Placid, N.Y.

The question that any trader–whether in or out of shape–might ask: Why?

“We wanted to do something different, something that really meant a lot to us as a couple,” Harkins said. “It’s a lot of preparation. We trained mostly side-by-side together for seven months–six days a week. So, what better way to prepare for a wedding than to train together and to look forward to a common goal?”

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