Chicago’s Mayor Injured While Training For Triathlon

Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago, a fitness buff, hurts ankle while training for triathlon.

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is training for a triathlon by running and cycling up to 25 miles on weekends — in addition to his one-mile-a-day swimming regimen.

But that ambitious goal just might be in jeopardy after an ankle injury suffered Friday.

Chicago’s 51-year-old mayor–and former White House Chief of Staff to Barack Obama–walked into a City Hall news conference Friday without a noticeable limp. But when a reporter asked how he was doing, Emanuel revealed that he was on the injured list.

“Truthfully, I hurt my ankle today,” he said.

“I did my mile swim. I was running and hit the sidewalk wrong. So I’m not gonna stand long. But don’t take it personally.”

Emanuel is a physical fitness nut who works out daily and goes just about everywhere with a bottle of water. He asked for a glass of water before beginning Friday’s news conference on budget issues.

During a television appearance in late May, Emanuel was asked about his training for the summer triathlon.

“Thanks very much for telling everybody. Now, they’re gonna look at my time and write it down. . . . I’m a big swimmer and a big biker. I’m not a great runner,” he said then.

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