Great Britain’s own Fraser Cartmell and Yvette Grice won today’s Ironman UK event in Bolton, Lancashire, UK.

While it is often said the swim has little significance to the outcome of an Ironman triathlon, it was a telling sign of the results of the Ironman UK race. Cartmell led the men out of the swim, with Stephen Bayliss and Zeebroek Axel entering T1 in second and third respectively. Ultimately, that is the same order the men exited the bike and crossed the finish line.  Cartmell turned in the fastest times on the swim and bike, and then ran a 2:49:55 to earn the 8:40:17 victory. Despite turning in a strong performance on the swim, bike and run, Bayliss spent the entire day chasing Cartmell and ultimately finished second. Axel showed how close the race was the entire day, finishing third only nine minutes after Cartmell.

The battle on the women’s race was between Grice and another Bayliss, Bella Bayliss. The pair exited the swim within seconds of each other. Bayliss hammered the difficult 112-mile bike ride in 5:48:25, gaining an edge on Grice. The day came down to the run as Grice turned in a 3:02:03 to pass Bayliss on the back half of the run course. She earned the win in 10:01:02. Bayliss earned second at 10:06:51. Great Britain’s Joanna Carritt ran her way to third.

Ironman UK
Bolton, Lancashire, UK – August 1, 2010
2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, 26.2-mile run

1. Fraser Cartmell (GBR) 8:40:18
2. Stephen Bayliss (GBR) 8:46:19
3. Axel Zeebroek (BEL) 8:49:38
4. Gregorio Caceres Morales (ESP) 9:03:54
5. Brandon Marsh (USA) 9:07:45


1. Yvette Grice (GBR)10:01:02
2. Bella Bayliss (GBR) 10:06:51
3. Joanna Carritt (GBR) 10:16:22