Andreas Raelert To Race Ironman Regensburg For Charity

Germany's Andreas Raelert has announced he will make the start at Ironman Regensburg this weekend, but don't expect him to win the race.

Germany’s Andreas Raelert has announced he will make the start at Ironman Regensburg this weekend, but don’t expect him to win the race.

His win at Challenge Roth does not count towards Kona qualifying. Photo: Steve Godwin

Raelert, who recently broke the world record for fastest iron-distance race at Challenge Roth, still needs to validate his start at the Ironman World Championship with an Ironman finish. In a statement on his website,, Raelert says he will race Ironman Regensburg to raise money for charity. For every athlete that crosses the finish line ahead of him, Raelert and his partners will donate money to a yet-to-be-determined charity. Raelert states he expects to finish somewhere in the middle of the pack. The Kona Pro Ranking rules simply state that an athlete must complete an Ironman outside of Kona during the qualifying year, so it does not matter what place he finishes.

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K-Swiss had offered a $1 million dollar bonus if the Andreas and his brother Michael could cross the finish line in Kona in first and second position. Michael was scheduled to race the Ironman European Championship back on July 24, but was forced to withdraw due to injury. Michael has not only failed to meet the Ironman validation requirement, he also lacks the overall points necessary to qualify for Kona.

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See the complete statement from Andreas, translated using Google Translate, below:

“The incredibly beautiful moments that I experienced at the Challenge in Roth are still present. I’m now re-entered into the training process and still feel the strong physical and mental fatigue. I’m looking forward to starting this Sunday at the Ironman in Regensburg. In terms of my season highlight – the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii – I have decided to take my current physical condition into consideration and I would therefore like to go with a specific goal at the start.

I owe the sport so much and so I want to take this opportunity to give something back. To achieve sustainability, I would like to gather together with my partners at the Ironman in Regensburg to raise money for charity.

To me it is very important to stress that this idea of ​​charity is a very serious concern of Micah [Michael Raelert] and me.

Many of you who race on Sunday in Regensburg will also race for a good cause to participate and contribute to support a charitable project. Together with our partners, we are for every athlete who crosses in front of me at the finish line in Regensburg donating an amount between 10-20 Euros. I think it is realistic to be able to place me in the middle of all participants so that the proceeds will hopefully bring in a total effective amount.

The donation amount will 100 percent be used transparently and sustainably, and therefore I would also like to ask you for your help and support.

What would you think is the best use for this donation? Who should get the amount collected to good? I would appreciate your suggestions very much!

At this point I would like to thank you for your commitment and your help!

– Andy”

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