Age Grouper Seeks Redemption In St. George

Dennis Budd, 60, will return to St. George seeking what he missed out due to a mid-race crash last year: A berth to Kona.

It’s a no-brainer that accidents happen, and unfortunately for some, they can get in the way of accomplishing a goal.

Dennis Budd suffered a mishap in the 2010 edition of the Ford St. George Ironman, breaking his collarbone while arriving at a fueling station on the second leg of the bike portion.

Budd doesn’t hold ill will towards what happened on the fateful day on the St. George course.

“It’s part of bike racing,” he said. “It’s really unrealistic to think you’d never have an incident on the bike. The best riders on the tour have broken collarbones. You can’t be too upset. It’s like going into boxing and not expecting to get hit.”

On May 7, Budd is looking to finish the race in order to fulfill a dream – complete an Ironman at the tender age of 60.

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