2019 Triathlete Buyer’s Guide On Newsstands Today

It's time to enjoy the smorgasbord of drool-worthy gear in this year's Buyer's Guide.

Like the rest of America, I was watching Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up on Netflix recently, which got me thinking about my own stuff, the literal bulk of which is tri-related. I don’t buy new stuff often, but man do I have a heck of a time letting go of the old. Partly because I anthropomorphize everything, especially bikes (hello diva Pinky, dependable Qee, smasher F-Bomb…), partly because I look at it all and remember some of the most thrilling, fun moments with family and friends, and I don’t want to let go.

But as I started to Kondo my tri-life, I found it was easy to surrender some of the more sentimental items in favor of things that truly spark joy. Thirteen-year-old Pinkie does not hold a candle to the awesomeness that is each new bike in these pages. Riding the new Trek Speed Concept (page 24) reignited a passion for the aero position I didn’t know I’d lost.

So what am I trying to say? Cherish the gear you have, but pay attention to when it crosses from enhancing your tri life to simply serving as a memory of past adventures. Because DAYUM the new stuff is exciting! From materials to tech, gear is always making huge strides, and while you don’t need a ton of it, just the right new pieces can stoke your tri flame.

So enjoy the smorgasbord of drool-worthy gear in this year’s Buyer’s Guide (the categories are listed below), each piece tested by experts who held nothing back in their praise or concerns—all to help you make the right purchases to bring some extra bliss to your 2019 tri adventures.

Find it on your local newsstand, or single copies are on sale and shipping now from while supplies last.

Ater you pick up the issue, head over to! As is tradition, we’re giving away the bike from the cover. You could get your hands on the Felt IA2 Disc: a brand-new, superfast hydraulic disk brake bike that is valued at $7,900.


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