Flora Duffy on Returning to Racing, Building to the Olympics, and More

Facebook Live AMA with Flora Duffy

Join us for Facebook Live AMA with Flora Duffy!

Posted by Triathlete Magazine on Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Eight-time world champion Flora Duffy joined us on our weekly Facebook LIVE AMA show on Wednesday to talk all things triathlon. Flora has been battling an injury over the last year, but was excited to share that she’s planning to return to racing next month at the Tokyo test event. She chats about dealing with the injury, looking ahead to the Olympics, and more. Enjoy this convo with Flora!

2:00 Flora shares how she got into the sport of triathlon in her home country of Bermuda.

3:30 Flora shares how and when she knew she could become a professional triathlete.

5:16 What do you consider to be your breakout race as a pro?

7:14 “Being injured is a complete nightmare.” Flora Duffy talks about her history with injury and gives her advice for those struggling with the same thing.

10:00 Which do you prefer: XTERRA or ITU?

11:12 Which race have you worked hardest on the bike in ITU?

12:53 Why have you been able to control ITU races from the bike so effectively?

14:23 Flora talks about her plans to return to racing after a year of injury.

15:10 Flora talks about managing the travel.

17:40 What does a typical training day look like for you?

19:06 What is the hardest bike workout you do? 

19:50 If all things were equal (pay, etc) which format of racing would you choose? 

22:26 Will you go long course at any point in your career?

23:58 Flora provides tips for a new triathlete.

24:33 Which women in the ITU would you most like to have in a breakaway on the bike?

25:25 Flora share her strength training routine.

28:00 Flora talks about Bermuda and its unique role in triathlon.

32:00 Why should the average age grouper be following the lead up to the Olympics?

34:00 Flora talks about her training partners in Boulder.

36:07 Which gear splurge is most beneficial?

37:10 If you could change one thing about the sport of triathlon, what would it be? Is there anything that you see is holding the sport back?

38:20 How did you know it was the right time to return to the race course?

40:20 Do you prefer a one piece or two piece tri suit?

40:40 Who is your biggest competition?

41:30 Flora shares her mental tips and tricks for training and racing

43:30 Whare are your recovery tips? How much sleep do you get per night?