Ben Hoffman and Joe Gambles on Fatherhood, Kona, And Nutrition

American Ben Hoffman and Australian Joe Gambles joined us in our Boulder studios and covered topics ranging from the mystery of performing well in Kona to learning from their biggest race-day mistakes.

American Ben Hoffman and Australian Joe Gambles joined us in our Boulder studios for our Facebook Live AMA this week. Hoffman is coming off of an early-season win at Ironman South Africa and announced on this show that he will be skipping Challenge Roth to focus on being fit and healthy in time for Kona, while also anticipating becoming a father later this year. Gambles is fresh off of a victory at Ironman 70.3 Eagleman and is looking ahead to Ironman Lake Placid, where he hopes to qualify for this year’s Ironman World Championship. Gambles is also coach to professionals Heather Jackson and Rachel Olsen. (Psst, you have until midnight tonight MDT to enter the Zoot giveaway.)

1:21 – On fatherhood: Joe is a dad while Ben and his wife Kelsey are expecting a baby later this year.

5:23 – Tips on balancing everything from training, racing, recovery, fatherhood, and, in Joe’s case, coaching.

9:48 – On dealing with illness during training and racing.

12:31 – Ben and Joe share their go-to brick workouts.

16:17 – On preparing for an open-water swim. What is the proper ratio of pool swimming to open-water swimming?

19:16 – On coping with finding out a triathlon swim has been cancelled.

21:24 – On what they do for race morning nutrition.

23:36 – Joe on racing and training as a vegan athlete.

25:37 – Joe on racing as a professional and also coaching fellow pros Heather Jackson and Rachel Olson.

27:32 – On using salt tabs in hot races.

30:20 – What’s the secret to beating Jan (and others) in Kona?

32:24 – On the biggest racing mistakes they’ve made in their careers.

35:28 – Ben on deciding not to use Strava anymore.

37:25 – On upcoming race plans for the 2019 season, including Ben’s decision to not race at Challenge Roth.