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Our team of testers spent hundreds of hours over the last two months putting all the swim-bike-run gear you see here through its paces—plus some. Not everything that was tested made the cut. Not everything was up to snuff. The final result is your gear guide for the 2021 race season. Here's how we test gear.

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Triathlete’s Men's 2021 Summer Cycling Clothing Roundup

The perfect bike kit can make all the difference on long training days. The best summer cycling clothing for men in 2021 is more than just a padded pair of shorts and tight fitting t-shirt—a well-designed cycling kit can help reduce recovery time between workouts via temperature control, prevention of saddle sores and skin rash, and reduction in riding fatigue through proper padding and compression.

A comfortable set of bib shorts can make long miles more pleasant by preventing saddle sores, reducing chafing, and wicking moisture away from your…ahem, “nether region.” We’ve paired five pairs of men’s bib shorts with summer jerseys to find the ultimate men’s cycling kits that perform well in the heat.

(Looking for women’s specific kits? We rounded those up here.)

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2021 Summer Cycling Clothing – Bib Shorts

Bib shorts, or “bibs” for short, are cycling shorts with suspenders. Cyclists tend to favor bibs over other cycling shorts because they stay put and don’t need a drawstring. Bib shorts for men can come with a bunch of different features, but a great pair of bib shorts are comfortable to wear all day, have a pad (a.k.a. chamois) that prevents saddle sores and bruising, are breathable and moisture wicking, and are durable enough to withstand frequent washing and friction.

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