70.3 Training

Ready to step up to the half-iron distance? Aiming for a 70.3 PR? You've come to the right place. Here, coaches, editors, and pros share their top tips for going long—and crushing your goals.

Want guidance on your next half-iron distance race? Check out 10 Weeks to Your Best 70.3—a complete training program led by top endurance coach Jim Vance—free with an Outside+ membership!

Training Plans

Whether you are trying the 70.3 distance for the first time or are looking to crush your best time, you need a plan to get you there.


Talk is cheap; triathlon isn’t—but that doesn't mean you have to break the budget. Here's how to be smart about every purchase.


Nutrition is called triathlon's fourth discipline for a reason.


Because triathlon is about more than swim, bike, and run.

10 Weeks to Your Best 70.3

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Whether you’re a new triathlete or a veteran of the sport, this 10-week 70.3 course will help you not only get stronger and faster, but become more injury-resistant and comfortable as you train and prepare. We’ll talk about bike fit and how that can impact your tri performance. You’ll learn about why intensity (and recovery) is crucial to having your best race. We’ll even learn how to pick the right event to accentuate your strengths and still give you a challenge. In ten weeks, Coach Jim Vance will help you transform your triathlon knowledge and enhance the way you train—not just giving you the workouts and tools for one good 70.3, but to keep improving throughout your tri career. 

This course is exclusive to Outside+ members. See the full 10 Weeks to Your Best 70.3 course available now.

Never before has the world’s leading triathlon resource hand-curated an online educational experience that combines video with easy-to-understand content, interactive training plans, and race-specific checklists. During this course, Coach Vance will talk you through the sessions—explaining not only what you’re doing, but why—and guide you through the techniques you’ll encounter in a 70.3 event via dedicated weekly lessons on key topics like:

Baseline testing Open-water skills Race nutrition Tapering Understanding race day, and more

In addition to a downloadable training calendar, technique videos, and gear prep checklists, you’ll also have access to the program pre-loaded into the Today’s Plan training system, so you can customize your paces and log your workouts all in one place. 

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