Triathlon Training

Should I Do An Ironman?

Dear Coach: I’m a competitive age-grouper who has always done sprints and Olympic-distance races, but I feel like I should make the move to Ironman. Should I do an Ironman?

Jonathan Cane /

Why Do I Get Arch Pain When I Run?

Arch pain could be caused by something as simple as your running shoes, but there are other factors that could make finding a solution more complicated.

Kate Mihevc Edwards /

Quick Swim Set: No Walls Drill

It's hard to simulate the open water in the pool, but avoiding the wall during certain sets is a great way to start.

Sara McLarty /

One-Hour Workout: Fartlek Run Fun

Learning to mix up run speed and intensity within a workout isn’t just good for your fitness, it’s great for keeping you mentally fresh and motivated, too.

Emma-Kate Lidbury /

Quick Swim Set: Comfort Zone Crusher

This workout will teach you to push beyond your comfort zone during the second half to stay close to the leaders as you head out on the bike.

Sara McLarty /