Injury Prevention

Preventing Hamstring Injuries

Hamstrings are a prime mover in running gait, working extremely hard as they lengthen to slow the leg down at the end of the swing phase.


Your Best Foot Forward

An effort to strengthen your feet can make the difference in your speed, form and resistance to injury.

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IT Band-Aid

Ever felt a pain on the outside of your knee while running down a hill? Or felt like there was a vice grip squeezing your knee during the power phase of the pedal stroke? /

Monday Minute: The Palloff Press

Forget pushups and situps, the Palloff Press will help you get stronger at your center of gravity.

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Training Tip: Ditch The Flip-Flops

Although they date back to King Tut and Cleopatra, your favorite thong-style sandal may be bad for your running health according to biomechanical experts The Gait Guys (, Dr. Shawn Allen and Dr. Ivo Waerlop.

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Operation: Injury Prevention

You won't see any Jane Fonda leg lifts at San Diego's Rehab United. Here's how the RU team's unique approach is redefining physical therapy.

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