Triathlon Training

Key Session: The Braveheart Brick

The Braveheart Brick is a high intensity pre-race/race season workout so get ready to suffer! It's short, it's quick and it's a time efficient way to improve your transitions and get plenty of work in.

The Endangered Outdoor Ride

In the past several years, indoor riding has become a bona fide trend at the elite level of the sport, and that trend has begun to trickle down into the age group ranks.

Matt Fizgerald

Epic Ride: Mt. Lemmon

Climbing from Tucson’s scorching Saguaro decorated landscape up to the pine forest at the top of the mountain, the ride up and down Mt. Lemmon is only 51 miles, but its views and the challenge of summiting the peak make it an epic ride by almost any definition.

Aaron Hersh