Triathlon Training

Day 30: 30-30s Run Workout

Finish up the challenge feeling strong with this workout from senior editor Chris Foster.

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Day 28: The Need for Speed! Swim

In this final swim session of the #TriathleteChallenge you’ll be blending top-end efforts with some aerobic work—the perfect combo to help you wrap up a great month of training.

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Day 27: Feel Good Bike Set

This bike workout is designed to make you feel good. You’re in control of the effort: feeling good? Then get after it! Feeling tired? Dial it back.

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3 Unique Activities to Try This Off-Season

While your days aren’t yet packed with swim/bike/run, check out three out-of-the-box alternatives that will still prepare you to tri.

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The Problem With Only Training Indoors

With the rise in smart trainers and e-games, many cyclists are forgetting this important skill. Here’s why only training indoors doesn’t cut it.

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One-Hour Workout: Run Fitness Test

In tandem with the #TriathleteChallenge, this month’s One-Hour Workouts have been running you through the basics of baseline testing in each discipline. This week it’s time for run testing!

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