Swim specific training articles and advice.

Quick Set: 500 Race And Vertical Kicking

This week's swim workout from coach Sara McLarty includes some great variety, including a 500 race challenge and a drill you may have never tried.

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Why I Quit Masters Swimming

The structure of this reader's masters group didn't work for him—so he found something that did.

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One-Hour Workout: Race-Ready Swim

In honor of this week’s 70.3 World Championships, here’s a swim workout that will help sharpen your speed and deliver you to the start line all fired up and ready to go.

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Quick Set: Breath Control

Don't go to the pool without a plan! Take this set from coach Sara McLarty to the pool this weekend.

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Quick Swim Set: The 6x

Give this swim workout from Triathlete contributor and swimming all-star Sara McLarty a try over the weekend.

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