Swim specific training articles and advice.

Quick Set: Time to Sprint!

Think fast! Changing up speeds and effort during workouts will help keep you from hitting a plateau in the water—both mentally and physically.

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Swim Kick Sets You Won’t Hate

If the words “kick set” instill frustration, put the kickboard away and try one of these different methods.

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Quick Set: Dive-In Speedwork

Every Friday we feature a swim workout from Triathlete contributor and swimming all-star Sara McLarty. Try one this weekend!

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Quick Set: Fun Mix

Don't get bored in the pool! Try this workout from coach Sara McLarty.

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Quick Set: Tarzan Drill

Every Friday we'll bring you a swim workout from coach Sara McLarty so you have new ideas to take to the pool.

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Quick Set: Swim on the Go

Use these three tricks to keep your upper body engaged while on the road.

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