Swim specific training articles and advice.

Quick Set: Tech Timeout Swim

This workout will help you nail all four phases with a drill and small set for each.

Sara McLarty /

One-Hour Workout: Pyramid Swim

The off-season is the perfect time to focus on drills, but you don't want to lose all of your fitness. This swim session strikes the balance.

Emma-Kate Lidbury /

Quick Set: Race 75s

Yes, it's the off-season but you can still get in the pool. Try this unique workout from coach Sara McLarty.

Sara McLarty /

Quick Set: A Swim Set Based on Time

Most swim workouts are based on distances you must complete in certain intervals. Here, we flip that approach.

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One-Hour Workout: Pull and Build Swim

All athletes—whether seasoned pros or rookie age-groupers—need workouts that can be tailored to how they are feeling on the day. Here’s a perfect example from coach Jim Vance.

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Quick Set: Descend The Ladder

Try this ladder set to improve pace control over a long swim and make sure you conserve enough energy to finish strong!

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