Swim specific training articles and advice.

Quick Set: Plenty of 100s

Don't go to the pool without a plan! Try this week's workout from coach Sara McLarty.

Sara McLarty /

Quick Swim Set: Swiss Army Set

Improve your comfort in all conditions with this workout that will have you change speeds, strokes, distances, rest intervals, and more!

Sara McLarty /

One-Hour Workout: Pace Changer Swim

This workout helps build top-end speed and helps you improve your ability to change pace, which is a vital skill all triathlon swimmers need to learn.

Emma-Kate Lidbury /

Quick Swim Set: No Walls Drill

It's hard to simulate the open water in the pool, but avoiding the wall during certain sets is a great way to start.

Sara McLarty /

Quick Swim Set: Comfort Zone Crusher

This workout will teach you to push beyond your comfort zone during the second half to stay close to the leaders as you head out on the bike.

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