Swim specific training articles and advice.

Picking Your Next Swim Fins

Fins promote a proper kick, give you a better position in the water, increase ankle flexibility and break up an otherwise boring swim set.

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Gear Bag: Storing Your Swim Equipment

Schlepping all your pool gear around is a lot easier with a functional mesh bag that can dry fast. Here are five great options.

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TYR Freak of Nature. The $1,200 Wetsuit.

A $1,200 wetsuit? TYR went there. The Freak of Nature is constructed completely from Yamamoto’s extremely flexible #40 neoprene built on the paneling and fit used in their current top-level suit, the Category 5.

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How To Fold Your Wetsuit For Travel

There’s no late-night infomercial selling a tool that cleanly folds your wetsuit (so far), so follow these steps to keep creases out of your suit when traveling to a race.


Triathlete Gear Bag: Finis Swimsense ($199)

In addition to displaying this information during the swim, Swimsense records it along with distance and speed to review after a workout and track your progress.

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