Swim specific training articles and advice.

7 Swim Tools For Triathletes

Pro triathlete and swim coach Anna Cleaver shares the items in her swimming gear bag, and explains how each tool can benefit triathletes.

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2014 Wetsuit Performance Test

Using patented technology developed for the U.S. Olympic swim team, we rigorously tested wetsuits of every type for speed and comfort.

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ROKA Signs ITU Superstars

We caught up with triathlon wetsuit brand ROKA co-founders Rob Canales and Kurt Spenser on the heels of two big announcements.

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Gallery: Swim Bag Of Tricks

Need some more motivation to get to the pool? Pick up these pieces of gear and work on some technique.

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Rethinking Wetsuits

It’s time for quantitative testing to replace vague narrative as the driving force behind wetsuit design.

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