Healthy recipes from Triathlete’s favorite chefs.

Fuel Like A Pro

You may be surprised to learn the varied tactics, tastes and tolerances of some of our sport’s superstars.

Holly Bennett

The Zone Chronicles: 10 Weeks In the Zone

What is the Zone Diet all about? Between Monday, November 20 to January 28, right through the holiday season, we put the Zone Diet to the test and explore the value, challenges and benefits of following the Zone protocol.

Vegetarianism And Triathletes

March is National Nutrition Month. So in honor of it, Inside Triathlon senior editor Jennifer Purdie chats with professional triathlete Brendan Brazier about his strict plant-based diet.

Five Ingredients For The Triathlete’s Kitchen

We know you don’t have the time to read every packaging label and research the latest studies in diet and nutrition, so we did the footwork and created this shopping list of the five ingredients that should be stocked in every triathlete’s kitchen.

Tri Recipe: Easy Minestrone

This satisfying soup is easy to prepare and perfect for the fall and winter. You can vary the recipe according to what you have in your freezer or fridge. It’s always sure to warm you inside and out.