Healthy recipes from Triathlete’s favorite chefs.

4 Recipes with Silly Names and Serious Health Benefits

Lowbrow names, highbrow taste. Confuse your friends while tickling their taste buds with these totally palatable, unfortunately branded, health-minded recipes. Taco Tater Yes it does exist: taco ingredients on a potato! This recipe features athlete favorite, the sweet potato, with a unique, colorful, and tasty mix of roasted chicken and veggies. Ingredients Makes 4-6 servings […]

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Recipe: Banana Oat Cups

Banana, oats, and peanut butter are definitely a recipe for tasty fuel.

Matt Kadey, R.D. /

The 3 Goals of Your Pre-Race Meal

Whether it is the “A” race or a big training day, your sports nutrition practice and routines are critical for improving your performance.

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