Performance Nutrition

Train and race with the optimum nutrition with these tips from our team of professionals.

Coconut Sports And Recovery Drinks

Nutrient-rich coconut water and coconut milk are making their way into an increasing number of sports and recovery drinks.

Bethany Mavis /

How The Pros Stay Lean

Take cues from the world’s best triathletes in achieving your own optimal racing weight.

Matt Fitzgerald /

Water Wars: The Dehydration Debate

Does dehydration improve performance? An onslaught of iconoclastic ideas about hydration have broken wide open in triathlon.

T.J. Murphy /

Staying Hydrated On Long Runs

A new study finds that “intuitive” drinking during a long running race improves performance compared to drinking by the rules.

Matt Fitzgerald /

Self (Re)Made Man: Rich Roll

Ultradistance triathlete Rich Roll transformed his diet and became a new person. Now he wants to help you do the same.

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