Triathlon Tour Guide: Roth, Germany

With more than 200,000 screaming fans along the course and blazing finish times, Challenge Roth is one the sport’s grandest races.

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Triathlete Love: Hey, Big Spender

Columnist Susan Lacke is frugal when it comes to triathlon gear and supplies. Her partner? Not so much.

Susan Lacke /

Triathlete Love: You Say It Best

Crafting the right pep talk for your triathlete involves intuition, understanding, and sometimes, partial nudity.

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Jesse Thomas Undergoes Foot Surgery

The three-time Wildflower champion and dad-to-be will halt his season to recover from navicular stress fracture surgery.

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How The Pros Stay Lean

Take cues from the world’s best triathletes in achieving your own optimal racing weight.

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