The Self-Care Guru

The gift guide for the self-care guru triathlete who lives by the mantra “one ounce of prevention makes me unbeatable.”

CEP Recovery Pro Tights

Consider these the Rolls Royce of leg compression. CEP’s super tight weave extends all the way down to the feet for full lower-body recovery post workout or race.

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BedJet 3 Climate Control System

This under-the-sheets air conditioning system pumps either hot or cold air directly into an athlete’s bed to ensure the perfect temperature for restorative sleep.

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Infinit Cold Brew

Filed under “why didn’t anyone think of this before,” Infinit’s game-changing nutrition product is powdered artisan cold brew coffee blended with high-quality grass-fed whey protein. 

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Resilience CBD Cream

Not all cannabidiol (or CBD) creams are created equal.

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Oofos Ooahh Sport Flex Sandal

Though not the only recovery sandal on the market, Oofos’ offering is certainly one of the most effective.

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DoubleUp Roller

Using a hinge system to provide much needed leverage on sore/tight muscles, the DoubleUp roller allows users to roll out tricky sections while standing.

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