The Beginner

The gift guide for the beginner triathlete who is eager to learn and stoked to be here.

Altra Kayenta

These shoes hit the tri trifecta of value, sockless comfort, and lightning-fast entry.

Erin Beresini /

TYR Swimshades

Easily the most underrated goggles of all time, these are what Maverick would wear if he went swimming.

Erin Beresini /

Quintana Roo PRThree

This entry-level ride will leave you feeling like a total pro.

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Believe Journal

Writing down your goals and training gives you a jolt of motivation and encourages reflection.

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The Joy of Swimming

Amp up your zest for swimming with fun, odd, inspiring quotes from characters as diverse as Winston Churchill, Michael Phelps, Mark Twain, and Jimi Hendrix.

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