Swim Speed Workouts

Forget going to the pool with your workout scribbled on soon-to-be soggy note paper—that’s so 2019.

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QR HydroSix

Back in the early days of triathlon, Quintana Roo was the first brand to release a multisport-specific wetsuit.

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Huub Anemoi Trisuit

Unapologetically excessive in its details, this suit is designed to help triathletes go super super fast on the bike while still remaining comfortable in the swim and on the run.

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Rocket Science Sports One

Boasting a price that’s far less than even the most basic entry level wetsuit, it’s extremely important to note that this is a very thin option for those looking for a moderate amount of float or warmth.

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FORM Goggles

In terms of gear that can actually revolutionize the way we train, FORM goggles’ heads up display sits at the top of the list.

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TYR Swimshades

Easily the most underrated goggles of all time, these are what Maverick would wear if he went swimming.

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