The Beginner

Wish list: Affordable, fast gear made to last

XTERRA Vivid Full Suit

Capri-cut legs (for easy shipping), bright green sleeves (for visibility), and thin arms (for flexibility) make this a killer full-sleeve option. /

T1 Pro Race Belt

A race belt is a simple piece of equipment that can make a big difference on race day. This lightweight option from T1 includes adjustable […]

Liz Hichens /

Felt S32

Stiff, smooth, and reasonably lightweight for an aluminum bike at about 21 pounds, the Felt S32 is an ideal first TT bike. $1,400 /

ROKA X1 Goggles

Comfortable, reliable, and available in a myriad of options (colors! mirrored!), these goggles feature a massive range of vision. $20/em>

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Lil Newbs: Strider 14x Sport

After your junior cyclist masters the balance bike, attach the new Easy Ride Pedal Kit and watch them start time trialing. Two bikes in one! […]

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