Boost your off-season stability—and your Netflix game—with this quick routine.

The off-season is a perfect time for a marathon—a Netflix marathon, that is. With winter weather and fewer workouts on the docket, we can’t wait to catch up on all of our favorite shows. But—spoiler alert—all of that sitting around is less than ideal and you can easily implement a living room workout, says Corey Buhnerkempe, a personal trainer with Fit Society in Chandler, Arizona.

“If you’re going to binge-watch a show, at least throw some maintenance work in there to keep your muscles, tendons, and ligaments in good, healthy condition. TV time is great for squeezing in a few quick strength moves.”

Living Room Workout

Remote Control Bird Dog

living room workout

Your remote control just became bona-fide workout equipment.

Opening Credits Glute Brigde

living room workout

Squeeze in these bridges during the theme song to start your show off right.

Scene Change Air Squat

living room workout

When the camera cuts away, it’s time to squat.

“Continue Watching?” Deadlift

living room workout

If you see this message, you’re really locked in.