The Draw: Rechargeable, clean

The SRM-Look EXAKT is the first pedal-based power meter launched by either Look or SRM into the market. The pedals are carbon fiber and come as either single-sided or dual-sided (power numbers coming from one or both pedals). Although SRM’s precision in measuring power is certainly as good if not better than competitors (claimed ±1.5 percent), it doesn’t come cheap. Also, pedal install can be tricky, requiring use of a smartphone app, a special key, and some pressure on the pedals during install to calibrate. At the same time, having a super clean setup without any clunky parts is rare on a rechargeable pedal-based power meter (100 hour run time on a 5-hour charge). And because this is a new product for the SRM line, some patience is in order with a tricky setup and install.

157g per pedal

Price: $900

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