The Draw: Super-aero straight shooter

Get this rig up to speed, and it’ll keep its momentum through hills, getting more stable as it speeds up. It holds its own in crosswinds and will place you in a pretty aggressive aero tuck out of the box—as the aerobars don’t have much adjustability. What does all of that mean? This is an ideal Kona bike. Got a course with tons of turns and steep descents? This’ll work, but that’s not where it’s going to shine. Enjoy a stiff, responsive, out-of-saddle spin up, settle into the grippy saddle, then tuck and roll like a champ through windy, undulating straightaways. Bonus points for functional, integrated tri-specific storage designed to keep you fed (holds up to eight energy bars) and hydrated (up to 21 ounces) for the long haul.

19.97 lbs (size medium)

Price: $7300

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