The Draw: Well-rounded race rig

*Best in Class*

This race-ready option from Quintana Roo has everything a triathlete needs to race pretty much any distance, right out of the box. With Ultegra Di2 shifters and mechanical disc brakes carefully integrated into the fork and frame, there’s not much room for upgrades on this setup. Boasting one of the most balanced rides tested, standup response is almost unbeatable, while straight-line stability and ride comfort are excellent. There was a slight bit of road chatter over tinier ridges and bumps, but adding a pair of carbon aerobars will likely smooth it out (Profile Design’s alloy Wing 10A bars come stock). With that said, the lively ride of this carbon rig needs very little improvement. The best news? For riders looking to cut costs, but still want the same impressive carbon ride as well as disc brakes, QR also offers a race-ready base model PRFIVE Disc for under $5k.

21.64 lbs. (size 54)

Price: $7250

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