The Draw: Consistency, consistency, consistency

Considered one of the early most-accessible power meters available, PowerTap’s hub system has remained relevant due to its light weight (for perspective, this hub weighs 5 grams less than an Ultegra hub), its portability from bike to bike, and its ability to always produce repeatable measurements ride after ride. Boasting ±1.5-percent accuracy, the G3 doesn’t require pre-ride calibration like many other setups because it constantly recalibrates each time the rider coasts. This means incredibly consistent numbers regardless of how diligent you are about calibration. Of course, the price needs to take into account a rim, spokes, and build up to create a complete wheel—and the hub alone can’t be easily swapped from training to race wheels if you have a dedicated set for each.

325g (hub only)

Price: $400

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